Seafood & Wine

The seafood has always been an essential part of the Mediterranean cuisine, which unites European, Middle Eastern and African cuisines!

The same goes for the Mediterranean traditions of wine making.

With the help of this class, we’d like to break down both the wine & seafood nuances for you, whether you’re a future sommelier, Seafood or a Head Chef…

Also, it’s worth noting, that knowing how to pair wine with dishes is essential for anyone working at any restaurant…

This course features such sub-classes as:

  • Wine Varietals
  • Wine/Dish Pairing
  • Seafood Processing
  • Seafood Main Dishes
  • Seafood Appetizers
  • Exotic Seafood Recipes



Classes Pricing

1 – 5 sessions per month


5 – 15 sessions per month


15 – 30 sessions per month

Head Chef of this Cooking Class

Jean-Luc Perrot

Without any doubt, the fact that Jean-Luc is French has a lot to do with his choice of profession!

For him, as for the majority of his fellowmen, that was simply impossible not to love the traditional French pastry and delicate, sweet desserts…

But eventually, at the age of 19, Jean-Luc decided that he wants to become a part of the culinary industry, preparing all these intricate desserts himself!

It was then, at the Carl Merletti patisserie in Paris, when he began his career as a Desserts Chef…

Eventually, after working at multiple Michelin-awarded restaurants in France, Italy and Greece, Jean-Luc has decided to spread the knowledge for a new generation of future Chefs, by becoming one of our tutors!