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It all starts in the kitchen

Italian Chef Consulting concept was born in Australia in 2006 when Chef Giuseppe Somma discovered that local people loved to attend cooking classes.

Thus it was that Chef Giuseppe began to devote his free time to courses.

Subsequently Giuseppe decided to open his own cooking school on the Amalfi Coast (His country  Town) where he was among the first to offer amateur and professional courses combined with organized excursions and accommodation in the central area.

Giuseppe collaborates with various Partners and can count on a strong team of Chefs who work for him.

In addition to the courses, Italian Chef Consulting offers catering services, consultancy for Italian restaurants all over the world, restaurant reorganization or new openings. Furthermore, it organizes private dinners both in villas and in specific locations.

Chef Giuseppe boasts decades of experience which he now makes available to his customers.

Giuseppe Somma

Owner and Executive Chef

Giuseppe Somma was born in 1982, son of Davide and Rosa, in Gragnano, world famous for the production of pasta.

He discovered his passion for good food  when he was  still a child, when at his awakening, before going to school, he peeked into the pots rumbling on the burners and flooding his home of exquisite aromas.

He loved watching his grandmother in the kitchen who, as a good housewife, explained and let him taste
everything she prepared, delicacies that gathered his big family around the table, especially during the Christmas time.

But his love for cooking, that uncontrollable love which animates every move and every decision he makes, was strongly revealed when, still little, just 12 years old, he went to visit an aunt who had taken over a
hotel near Rome. There, throughout the summer, he had the chance to observe and learn the secrets of an real chef.

He watched him working every day. It was then that, struck by the many compliments on his cooking, by the pleasure and the  joy of doing his job well that he could read in his eyes and in his smile, Giuseppe decided that he will be a chef  when he grows up.

A year later, he took his first steps in that field, which he considered extremely fascinating, as a kitchen helper in well-known local restaurants and hotels.

And, after the hot season, he began to attend the hospitality training institute in Vico Equense where he graduated.

On the weekends and during the summertime, to put himself to the test, he started to juxtapose the school with the apprenticeship in some prestigious places (e.g. Il Grand Hotel La Sonrisa, Grand Hotel Nido Foresta, Hotel Le Galassie, Hotel Stella Maris on Ischia island). Giuseppe constantly follows his father’s teachings and, in particular, his motto to do one thing and do it well.

And so, when he finished his studies he was able to be part of chef Luigi Cacace brigade at Hotel Michelangelo  in Sorrento that, at that time, represented the best of Sorrento Coast’s fine dining.

During those formative years, while Giuseppe grew up and became adult, he nurtured, stronger and stronger, the desire to master not only the Italian culinary art and all its tricks but also the ambition of enjoying other countries’ gastronomy. Hence the decision to leave and discover the dishes of other places around the world.


He has traveled for over 10 years with the moral support of his girlfriend, his present wife, which has always encouraged him to broaden its technical and cultural knowledge.

In 2003, he worked in London for the famous Etrusca Restaurant Chain with the Executive Chef Jonathan Lees, in 2004 in Miami at Gusto Restaurant, in 2005 as Second Chef in Canada at Il Mulino Restaurant, the more classy restaurant in Montréal’s Little Italy.

He was only 24 years old when he became Head Chef at The Star, a Luxury 5 star hotel in Sydney (Australia), where he spent three years, from 2006 to 2009.

With a wealth of successful experiences, he decided to go back to his homeland and apply what he learned during his stays abroad to the Mediterranean cuisine and its
From 2009 to 2011, during the summer he worked as Sous Chef in Porto Cervo, Sardinia  at Dante Restaurant, the favorite restaurant of celebrities, while during the winter he held the position of Chef  de cuisine at Diamonds Athuruga Island Resort on Maldives island, the exclusive resort owned by Francorosso Group and Planet Hotels. In 2011, he found employment at the Capri Palace. There, he  worked at “L ‘Olivo” restaurant, the Island’s only one with two Michelin stars and at
“Riccio”, with the great satisfaction of being part of the kitchen brigade when it got one Michelin star. On the blue island he found to be in perfect harmony with the
style, way of thinking and acting of the whole kitchen brigade. From 2016 to 2020 he been Executive chef at Villa Dubrovnik, the best hotel in Croatia, acknowledged as the Best Luxury Hotel in Croatia and ‘Hotel of the Year 2016’, then in 2018 he got the Michelin Star recommendation  for the Fine dinning Pjerin Restaurant .Villa Dubrovnik is part of the turkish group Dogus, the  same that owned the Capri Palace.

In the 2018 Villa Dubrovnik got the Michelin Star recommendation and the promise of gaining 1 Michelin Star in 2020.

Unfortunately, Covid pandemic arrived and Villa Dubrovink was closed to the guests. Chef Giuseppe did some consulting services with his company Italian Chef Consulting, while from 2020 to 2022 he worked in Paris for BellaVita Group. He was respondible for reistyling the restaurant and creating the base for building a new restaurant every year.

When the pandemic was about to end, Giuseppe started to work for the most famous and biggest Restaurant Company “San Carlo Group” in England. This Company has more than 30 restaurants in England end overseas. Chef Giuseppe is currently Executive Chef for the Group and he has started to open the Rosto Concept in Doha (Quarter) and organizing the opening of Sig. Sassi in Dubai for it.


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