Typical Amalfi Coast cooking course at Farmhouse experience

Of course, when we’re saying “Exotic” cuisines, this is only in regard that being an American Cooking School with a majority of our tutoring Chefs previously working at European cuisine restaurants, the following cuisines are less known…

Nevertheless, with the ever-rising Fusion cuisine, knowing which little-known national food will be the “next sushi” is vital!

Michelle Paragorn, who is the Head of these classes, will lay all her rich experience down for you!

This course features such sub-classes as:

  • African cuisines (Moroccan, Egyptian, Arabic)
  • Central Asian cuisines (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China)
  • South Eastern Asia cuisines (Korea, South Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia)
  • Indian cuisine
  • Pacific Islands cuisine
  • South American cuisine (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina)
  • Mexican cuisine



Classes Pricing

1 – 5 sessions per month


5 – 15 sessions per month


15 – 30 sessions per month

Head Chef of this Cooking Class

Emily Define

Though Emily is Scottish, she had been living in Paris for almost her entire life…

It was in that artisan city, where she enrolled for her first cooking classes, just to become the Chef for a famous Clamato restaurant a little bit later.

But as she had to move to the US with her husband, Emily did not want to abandon her culinary cravings…

That is why she made a decision to become a tutoring Chef, teaching others on how to be a real professional in this business!

All we can say is that within the last 10 years that she’s with us, Emily has become a vital part of the team, helping thousands of students to graduate as real pros with real practical skills acquired here!